Cheap Flights

In South Africa, passengers are able to choose from several airline companies when booking their travels. There are also various classes to choose from: first class, economy class, and down to the cheaper discount seats in coach. There are many airports in the region, including some small privately owned airports, that passengers can travel in and out of when they are booking their travels.

The Airports Company South Africa  operates the majority of these airports in the region; three of the airports they manage are the three major airports in South Africa, which are located in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. Bloemfontein, East London, George, Port Elizabeth, Kimberley, and Upington are home to the other airports which are managed by this company. Any other airport passengers travel out of or in to are privately owned and operated, and this means there might be a limit on the types of flights and the airline companies they can choose from when they book their travels from any of those airports.

South African Airways and British Airways, which is franchised by Comair in, offer travelers a number of options to fly. From business or first class, to coach and economy class, travelers are in charge of their in flight comfort, as well as the prices they are going to pay when they do book their flights with these airline companies. Passengers will find cheap flights to all major cities, as well as some minor outlying cities which include: Richards Bay, Mthatha, Maseru, and other small cities. If traveling on the most popular routes, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, or George, passengers can also find and book, lower priced travels, and discounted flight tickets, due to the fact that more flights pass through these major towns and cities.

If passengers want to book single flights from Johannesburg or Tambo International, they can travel with Kulula. Traveling from Cape Town, George, Durban, and Port Elizabeth, can also be booked with the airline company for low priced tickets. With 1Time Airline, passengers can book their return flights from Johannesburg, Cape Town, George, East London, and Port Elizabeth as well.

When booking these cheap flights, should be aware there are limited amenities and services, and no in flight meals are offered. But, passengers can still expect friendly and courteous services from flight attendants. All domestic flights that are booked can be done so online, by paying by credit card directly to the airline company. With Mango Airlines, SAA, and British Airlines, passengers can also purchase tickets at money market counters. Booking on third party sites is another alternative to saving on the flight prices.

Daily flights are scheduled on the major airlines and to the major cities. If traveling to smaller cities or during off times, there might be limited flight options to choose from. Lower cost airlines don’t cover the privately owned airports, and usually don’t travel the lesser traveled routes.

Travelers can get even deals when they are ready to book a flight to South Africa, when using the additional online resources offered by the lower priced airlines. From car hire to holiday packages, they can do everything online to save. Other specials, such as early booking is also offered by these airlines, meaning even greater deals when you are ready to book your trip.